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Looking for something BIG to do this Easter?

Be one of the first to run this great Forest course, and enjoy all that is offered by Big Forest Run!

Saturday, 19th April 2014


Having a great team of volunteers is crucial to the success of Big Forest Run. There are a wide variety of roles, to suit volunteers from all walks of life.

Some volunteer roles that require filling are:

Aid station Staff - set up and staff the course aid stations which are all accessible by vehicle. Includes set up shade shelter, timing area and water and food supply. Work with the medical team to monitor the condition of the runners. Record runners arriving and their times. Report back to race headquarters on any issues. Pack up after the sweep and course is clear and return to finish area.

Finish Area Staff - general tasks around camp including setting up the runner tents, officials / timing tent, medical tent, toilets, water supply etc.

Course Setters - place the course markers before each stage.

Fore-Runners - check the markers just before use.

Sweeps - follow the last runners and clear the course markers.

Course Coordinator - Coordinate the course setting, fore-running, sweeps teams and transport of teams to various course legs.

General Duties & Administration - assist with event administration and coordination, and any other general duties that arise during the event.

Photographers - take interesting and exciting quality photos of the event and competitors.

So what's in it for you?!?

As a volunteer you will receive a Big Forest Run shirt, camping accommodation at the Doon Caravan Park, and a thank you dinner the night after the event if you are able to attend.

Volunteer application forms will be available shortly, and in the meantime if you have any questions about volunteering please contact us.

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